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We are now in Session 60 Week 3
Notes and reminders:
  • The MNSL Safety Rules were revised in Oct 2019: MNSL Competition Rule book Oct 2019
  • NEW LEAGUE SHOOTERS: league orientation starts at 06:30.
  • The League schedule from Google Calendars is shown below.
  • The Groups page for the League is at Google Groups. Please sign up for discussions in the forum space.
  • The Target Analysis guide is back and available. Click here.
  • TYRO Target is available. Click here.
  • When your time is near, please be ready to go out on your relay by waiting in/near the classroom, or at the back of the range (if you need to pre-load magazines). A bell should ring when your relay is called. Delays of even a few minutes can produce a ripple effect that can reduce the number of relays that can be fielded in an evening.
  • If you are shooting on consecutive relays, please place your finished target(s) in an area designated by the range officer. Shooters who are coming off the line, please bring them along with your own target into the classroom for scoring.
  • MNSL (Monday Night Shooting League) is not an NRA sanctioned league or is it affiliated with the NRA.
  • MNSL (Monday Night Shooting League) is not a Reed's league / event. MNSL rents the range from Reed's.

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MNSL Safety Rules, Procedures, Range Commands, and Disqualification (DQ) rules
, (PDF)
New League Shooters
What everyone needs to know
, (PDF)
Google Groups

Notifications and discussions about the league and shooting can be found on Google. Click here...

The League schedule from Google Calendars is shown below.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to shoot in competition?

Felt you weren’t good enough? Are you competitive, or would you just like more of a challenge, or you just want to have some FUN?

The Monday Night Shooting League (MNSL) is just right for you. Enjoy the evening with friends, make more friends, or just come on by and shoot the bull(seye).

The league is designed to accomodate the novice shooter, yet still offers challenges for the old hands as well.

For the sake of yourself, your fellow shooters, and the volunteers who help put on MNSL, you will be expected to obey the league safety rules in the classroom, in the store, and on the range. And of course, you will be expected to observe all Reed's Range and Firearm Safety Rules.


Handguns only, semi auto or revolvers, single or double action. All calibers, .22 on up. Fixed sights or scopes.
Handguns are also available for rent at the range, for those who do not own a handgun, or want to use something different... Reed's rules and policies apply. Reminder: you must have a firearm or friend with you to rent at Reed's

Shoot in as many divisions as you like:

22:Any rimfire handgun with iron sights.
Production:  Any centerfire handgun with iron sights.
Open:Any handgun (including .22) with scopes, electronic sights, lasers, or compensators.
Revolver:Any centerfire revolver with iron sights.
Lady's Division:Open, Production, 22 cal. and Revolver
Junior's Division:Open, Production, 22 cal. and Revolver
(Divisions may change as the league progresses).

Courses of fire

PPC (48 rounds, 480 points possible)
Target is the standard size NRA PPC version.

  • Starting position: low ready
    pointed downrange, not at the bench.
  • 6 shots, 60 seconds, 25 yards, two strings.
  • 6 shots, 30 seconds, 15 yards, two strings.
  • 6 shots, 15 seconds, 15 yards, two strings.
  • 6 shots, 10 seconds, 7 yards, two strings.

Note: We swap starting distance from session to session.
Even numbered sessions start at 7 yards
odd numbered session start at 25 yards.

Tyro (48 rounds, 480 points possible)

Multiple targets with different time limits. Currently, the course of fire uses 6 reduced size IPSC targets set at 7 yards.

  • Starting position: low ready – pointed downrange, not at the bench.
  • 2 shots on a single target, 5 seconds, three strings.
  • 2 shots each on three targets, 10 seconds, 1 string.
  • 2 shots each on three targets, reload, and 2 more shots on those same three targets, 20 seconds, 1 string.
  • Repeat the entire sequence on the next three targets.
  • To shoot in this event, you must have prior Tyro experience, or have shot 2-3 PPC events.
  • Our current target is based on IPSC/USPSA metric targets that are sized to approximate a >25 yard distance.
When and where
Monday nights,
6:00 - 9:00 PM. New shooter orientation starts at 06:30.
Last relay at 8:15 PM.

Each session lasts approximately 12 weeks, including make-up sessions at the end. Your best 8 scores are used to calculate your results for the session. You can join the league at any time, and make up for any past or future weeks that you might not be able to attend.
Reed's Indooor Range, 1000 Duane Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95054, 408.970.9870
At the end of each season, a League banquet is held with award medals – if you shoot at least 8 relays in a given division, you will have a chance to place and receive a metal for the session. League final scores are calculated with your best 8 of the first 10 scores.

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More information
League Flyer (in PDF format)

MNSL Safety Rules, Procedures, and Range Commands
If you are looking to develop your understanding or mastery of firearms,
for men, women, and children, see the other training offered here at Golden State Training.
Looking for something more exciting?
Try IPSC/USPSA shooting with the
Richmond Hotshots
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Scoring Details u/d 2 Jan 2014

What do these scores mean?

Mnsl has a unique [1] way of calculating scores for each session. The scores on this page reflect this calculation.

Your official score for the session is comprised of a series of 10 scores. Of these 10 scores we drop the lowest 2 and average the remaining 8. This results in your session average. Session averages are used to award medals for the various events and divisions, for example Session 38, Division Production, Event PPC.

Unlike other sporting leagues, which require a shooter to attend each and every week, MNSL was designed with a more flexible schedule. Each session is 10 weeks long with 2 "make up" weeks to allow a shooter to miss a week and still obtain the best possible official score.

However, sometimes 2 make up weeks is not enough. Furthermore, some of our shooters enjoy shooting more than 1 time per week. We have allowed for this with a completely open and flexible scoring system. This system allows shooters to "shoot ahead" or "catch up" as many relays as they like on a single night.[2]

Our scoring system takes the first 10 scores and calculates an average. In addition for every 10 scores you shoot after that you can get another (possibly higher) average for the same session/event/division. We commonly refer to a series of 10 scores as a "line".[3] It should be noted that only your highest line average counts for awards medals. For example, if the same shooter shoots the 2 highest averages in a particular event and division they do not get a 1st and 2nd place medal. In that case they would receive only 1st place.

Finally, it should be noted that the last "line" a shooter completes requires only 8 targets to be shot. The final 2 scores for that average are counted as 0's and thrown out as the lowest.

[1] As far a we know no other sporting league does scores like this.

[2] There is a practical limit of the number of relays we can offer on any given night. Most nights we are limited to about 8 relays total PPC and Tyro combined.

[3] We call a complete set of 10 scores a "line" because the scores were originally kept on a single line (row) of a spreadsheet.